French Merchants

    In 1910 Jean-Baptiste Moutet founded a small weaving mill in the town of Orthez, in the Béarn region. It was established on the banks of the Gave du Pau River, alongside other small industries. The high quality of Moutet‘s products guaranteed the firm's success and longevity.

    Moutet was renowned for weaving traditional Basque patterns on sturdy linen fabrics. They were traditionally used as blankets for oxen to protect them during work. They were adorned with seven woven stripes, each representing one of the seven Basque regions.

    In 1919 Jean-Baptiste’s son, Georges Moutet, expanded the mill to 40 employees, after he familiarized himself with the new mechanized looms being used in Lyon.

    The third and fourth generations acquired Jacquard looms, which used the punch card system, allowing them to manufacture complex woven patterns.

    In the late 1990’s the looms became computer programmable, significantly increasing production. Designer collections of linens were created and in 2006 Tissage Moutet received the label “Living Heritage Company”.

    The fifth generation continues Tissage Moutet's history. A dynamic team is incorporating innoative designer ideas, reviving old patterns and providing customers with personalized products.

Moutet is proud to have received the label "Enterprise du Patrimoine Vivant",
a living heritage company.


 Photos © Michel Jacobi, Olivier Robinet, Tissage Moutet


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