French Merchants


In the early 1980's, Myriam Joly and her family purchased a farm called Missegle in the Midi-Pyrenees... and several head of Angora goats from a breeder in Texas. Her goal was to reintroduce the mohair industry to France in a region that had maintained a history of textile production and farming since the 14th century. Mohair, the fleece taken from an Angora goat, is known for its softness and silky texture and is much warmer and lighter than other types of wool. It lends itself perfectly to the creation of shawls, scarves, socks, gloves. Missegle is a member of Le Mohair des Fermes de France, a group of artisans dedicated to promoting and creating products of the highest standards.
When you see the mark of Bleu Pastel, the wool has been dyed with the extract of a regional plant - isatis tinctoria. The flower itself is yellow, but when used as a dye is a beautiful shade of blue that has been used since the middle ages. 


Care of Missegle products:
  • hand wash cold using mild soap 
  • gently roll in a towel to absorb extra moisture
  • reshape and dry flat.
  • Bleu Pastel items should not be left in bright sunlight for extended periods of time due to the nature of the plant dye - may cause fading









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