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   At the end of the 16th century, soap was being produced by small, family companies in Marseille. In the south of France, particularly Provence, they had the necessary raw materials: olive oil, salt and silicone ashes from the Camargue, and later palm oil and copra from the colonies. Soap is made by a long process of cooking and resting the mixture, which, at the end of two weeks, the finished product has been created. Today, there are very few companies left that make Savon de Marseille in the traditional manner. One of the most respected is Marius Fabre...


"For more than 110 years and four generations of family, we strive to maintain an ever-threatened expertise to make a true Savon de Marseille that respects les techniques de saponification au chaudron. Our secret has been handed down from father to son, from father to daughter. Our ultimate criterium is the quality of the raw material. Made exclusively from vegetable oils, especially the precious olive oil, it contains no dyes or synthetic additives. It's this exceptional purity that gives it its virtues for the skin and makes it one of the best of friends of the environment. All of our products are the result of the same philosophy. Skill, patience, and requirements are the rules of the art which enables Marius Fabre to offer a soap with qualities still unmatched. We are proud today to continue the adventure started in 1900 by our great-grandfather, Marius Fabre."

Mary and Julie Bouquet-Fabre

Since 1900, Marius Fabre products have been manufactured according to the same philosophy: from vegetable oils, without animal fats, without dyes or parabens, not tested on animals, bio-degradable, environmentally friendly, recyclable packaging. See our products from Marius Fabre here. And watch a video here.



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