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Linen itself is a legendary fabric. It is the oldest fabric in the world, dating back to Egyptian times where the Nile Valley was a cradle of it’s weaving. It’s origins are attributed to the goddess Isis and it clothed the pharohs. At the time of the Romans, linen moved into the home where it has remained ever since.

Although linen has been used in many ways, later becoming industrialized, it has never lost it’s noble and natural character which perfectly mixes tradition with modernity. In the home, it is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. It combines durability with softness, only getting better with time and use. Linen is also a green product of nature - renewable, recyclable and biodegradable. The cultue of linen is the most ecological in the world with European linen producers, especially the French, constantly responding to the needs of the ecological movement of our society. 

Since the middle ages, the city of Armentières in Northern France, has been known as the cité de la toile (city of the fabric). It is here that Charvet has been part of the industry for more than a century producing at first cotton and then, at the beginning of the 20th century, linen. Charvet became and stayed the priciple producer of industrial, natural material used in worker’s clothing, awnings, naval jackets, toile de boulangerie. They also took their weaving experience on to produce linens for the home - torchon, chemin de table, nappes, draps - that have the feeling of history behind them, unchanged since women of France filled their armoires with linens to last a lifetime.



Care instructions

- Wash warm, dry low or hang to dry, iron if desired while still damp.
- Avoid bleaching. 
- Suggestion: wash and dry with tennis balls to avoid breakage of fibers by helping the fabric to tumble more evenly.

Welcome, bienvenue to our website! Since 2004, French Merchants has offered products from France made with the time-honored techniques and traditions of their respective regions. Each are made with a quality and standard set sometimes hundreds of years ago, in designs that have stood the test of time and ones given a contemporary edge by their current guardians. Take a moment to read each of their stories. We are always adding new finds, so visit us often. May they bring beaucoup de plasir!