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Arpin was born in the heart of the French Alpes in 1817 at Seez Saint Bernard and has long been associated with the names of prestigious explorers, mountain guides and alpinistes of the region. Today, Arpin continues to make it’s famous Drap de Bonneval as well as it’s Drap de Savoie and Tissu des Alpes using some of it’s original machines that are now classified with the Patrimoine National Français. No more than two months and twenty-four steps are necessary to transform the noble wool into a finished product.

weaverFor almost 200 years, this business has gently co-existed with the ecology of this beautiful region. Only the wool from sheep raised and fed in the alpages of the Savoie are used in the making of Arpin products. Water from the Versoyen, a small river know for it’s purity, is used to rinse the wool and since the process does not involve any toxic waste, water can then be returned to the river. Mountain winds coming through open windows of the galeta (attic) and the sun warming the tiles of the roof overhead are used to dry the wool that has been spread across the wooden floor of the chalet. During this process, which can take 3 to 15 days, depending on the quality of the winds, the wool is acting as an insulation to the rest of the building below.blanket stitch

These are just a few of the details which go into the fine products from Arpin making them so desirable for both their beauty and authenticity as well as the respect given to the natural environment during their creation.





Care of Arpin products:

  • Dry cleaning is suggested.









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