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When our daughter very young and we were visiting France, an inevitable spill or stain would occur during a meal. “Use le Savon de Marseille!” the older women in the family would always say. Indeed, many of our customers of French background tell us they remember it as a child in their households. Jean himself recalls going with his grandmother to scrub the laundry in a local stream along with the other women of the village, all equipped with their blocks of the famous soap. Our French soap contact tells us it went out of fashion for a bit, but returned to popularity in the 1960’s with the desire for products made with all natural ingredients. Beside being just a great object to have next to your sink, it’s good for stains, gentle on the hands, and a little piece of French history to remind us of all the other French households before us who relied on this French wonder.

Written by French Merchants — May 19, 2012

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